NSDI Bodies

The bodies of NSDI are comprised of: the NSDI Council, NSDI Board and Workgroups.

NSDI organizational structure and associated competencies. The NSDI body consists of: the NSDI Council, the NSDI Committee and the working groups.

NSDI Council is a body which implements the National Spatial Data Infrastructure within the Republic of Croatia and coordinates the activities of NSDI subjects within the scope and with rights and obligations determined by the  Law on National Spatial data infrastructure (NN 56/13, 52/18, 50/20)

NSDI Board is comprised of:
There are three implemented workgroups at the operational level, dealing with specialized tasks:
Besides the workgroups, there are many projects at the operational level dealing with specific tasks and questions within the scope of NSDI.

State Geodetic Administration manages the tasks of the NSDI Council Secretariat, coordinating all NSDI bodies and providing technical support.