3rd NSDI and INSPIRE day

Third NSDI day and Cartography and Geoinformation Conference was held on September 14-16, 2011 in Split. The event gathered 177 experts from Croatia, a large number of European countries and Japan, attending  48 presentations.

At the event, an Agreement was signed regarding the exchange of cartographic materials between the Institute for Geodesy, Cartography and Remote Sensing (Földmérési és Távérzékelési Intézet – FÖMI) from the Republic of Hungary and the State Geodetic Administration of the Republic of Croatia.

Presentations Format
Transposition framework of the INSPIRE directive and the implementation of Spatial Data Infrastructures in neighboring states
Gyula Iván; Hungary and international experiences related to INSPIRE PDF
Irena Ažman i Tomaž Petek; Transposition of the INSPIRE directive in the legislature of the Republic of Slovenia PDF 
Transposition framework of the INSPIRE directive and the implementation of Spatial Data Infrastructure in Croatia  
Andreas Wytzisk; NIPP 2.0 – joining the European informational society PDF 
Ljerka Rašić; Transposition of the INSPIRE directive and new NSDI regulation PDF 
Željko Hećimović; Croatian national metadata profile PDF 
Ivica Skender; Implementing rules for network services PDF 
Marjana Zelić; Public debate on the Agreement on exchange, access and use of NSDI spatial data PDF 
Vesna Poslončec-Petrić; Adapting the NSDI concept to demands of high school level education PDF 
Solutions for NSDI implementation in public  administration, regional and local self-government  
Zoran Vujić; Improvements of the DGU geoportal PDF 
Sanja Batić; Geoportal of the city of Zagreb spatial data infrastructure PDF
Ivica Skender; ESRI solutions for NSDI in accordance with the demands of INSPIRE-a and GISDATA’s implementation experiences PDF
Domagoj Čulinović; Stategic management system PDF 
Andrijana Lovrić i Dragan Divjak; Practical experiences of adapting topographical data to the data specifications of Annex I of the INSPIRE directive PDF 
AGISEE SDI Workshop, South-East European Spatial Data Infrastructures in Development  
Ulrich Boes Spatial Data Infrastructure in South-East Europe – Challenges and Solutions PDF 
Perica Spasevski; NSDI Strategy and Transposition of the INSPIRE Directive into Macedonian National Legislation PDF 
Bujar Nushi, Bastiaan van Loenen, Jaap Besemer, Joep Crompvoets  Multi-view SDI Assessment of Kosovo (2007–2010) – Developing a Solid Base to Support SDI Strategy Development PDF 
Zoran Šikić, Jasminka Draženović; INSPIRE Directive in Public Administration Bodies in the Republic of Croatia – How to Work and Collaborate PDF 
Vlado Cetl, Miljenko Lapaine; Croatian NSDI – An Example of AGISEE Country Web-page PDF 
Tatjana Kutzner, Michael Lill, Matthäus Schilcher; Cross-border Harmonisation of Spatial Data for INSPIRE – Experience from the Lake Constance Region PDF 
Luka Jovičić; NGO Potential as a Stakeholder within Processes of Developing the NSDI PDF 
Simon Vrečar, Franco Vico; EUROGI eSDI-Net Awards: from the project to the initiative PDF