Resource title

Name Resource title
Obligation Characteristic, and often unique, name by which the resource is known
  • dataset or dataset series: mandatory 
  • service: mandatory
Cardinality single
Example Register of geographic names
Data resource must have a unique and easily identifiable title. In determining a resource title, the needs of potential users must be taken into consideration. The title must be informative and diminish the potential risk of mistaking one data resource for another. Generic search engines most often analyse the first record. It is therefore desirable for a resource title to clearly define spatial data and differentiate between similar search results.

Technical data
INSPIRE equivalent Resource title
Usporedba s INSPIRE-om [360] title
ISO ekvivalent ekvivalent
Usporedba s ISO-om jednostruka
XPath identificationInfo/*/citation/*/title
Vrsta podatka niz znakova
Domena slobodan tekst
Provedbene upute nema

Encoding example
                         <gco:CharacterString>Register of geographic names</gco:CharacterString>