Geographic location: western - most geographic longitude

Name Geographic location: western - most geographic longitude
Definition Western - most coordinate of the data scope boundary defined by geographic longitude in degrees (positive towards east). 
  • dataset or dataset series: mandatory
  • service: conditional; mandatory for services with explicit geographic propagation.
Cardinality multiple
Example 13,01

Tehnical data
INSPIRE equivalent Geographic bounding box: westBoundLongitude
Comparison with INSPIRE equivalent
ISO equivalent [344] westBoundLongitude
Comparison with ISO equivalent
XPath identificationInfo/*/extent/*/geographicElement/*/westBoundLongitude
Data type  angle, expressed in degrees with at least two decimal digits
Domain -180,00 ≤ westernmost longitud ≤ 180,00
Implementation instructions When entering metadata in the Croatian NSDI system, geographic coordinates are set in the HTRS96(GRS80) coordinate reference system in (sexagesimal) degrees to minimum two decimal points.

Encoding example
                         <gco:Boolean> true </gco:Boolean>