Keywords should represent spatial data in a credible and concise manner. They make the principal element for metadata searching. Keywords can be set in two ways:
  • selecting a keyword from the thesaurus,
  • setting a keyword independently.

1. Selecting a keyword from the thesaurus

Keywords can be selected from an existing, authorised list, called thesaurus. If the keyword is set form a thesaurus, the thesaurus itself must be cited (title, date, date type). One such authorised thesaurus is the General Environmental Multi-lingual Thesaurus (GEMET) used for INSPIRE needs. It includes INSPIRE data themes that are selected as keywords.

Keywords may also be set using other thesauruses, but it is required to include at least one keyword from GEMET - INSPIRE theme podataka.When entering metadata, the INSPIRE data theme must be selected that best reflects the primary or the most important data resource component. To avoid double or multiple data classification, it is recommended to select only one GEMET-INSPIRE Data Themes.

A keyword from the GEMET-INSPIRE data theme must:
  • be positioned in the element "Keyword (INSPIRE Theme)"
  • be set independently (not in a group of keywords), separated from other, non-"GEMET-INSPIRE data themes" keywords,
  • have an identical set of characters, being case-sensitive,
  • include accompanying citation of the GEMET thesaurus (title, date, date type).
Table of Croatian NSDI spatial data themes 

Citing the selection of an INSPIRE data theme from the GEMET thesaurus
Keyword Title Date Date type
geographic names GEMET - INSPIRE themes, v.1.0 2008-06-01 published

Citing the selection of keyword value from the GEMET thesaurus
Keyword Title Date Date type
drainage system GEMET - Themes, v. 2.4 2010-01-13 published

2. Setting independent keyword value

Independent keywords are not linked with the thesaurus. Instead, the metadata editor sets them as free text, assessing which keywords best describe a data resource. Keywords entered should not end with a comma or any special character, since that could lead into an error in checking metadata notations. In determining independent keyword, no link to the thesaurus of keywords is set.