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Local NSDI promoters

The State Geodetic Administration as a National Contact Point appointed one employee from each regional cadastre office and City of Zagreb as the local NSDI promoter to make the implementation of the National Spatial Data Infrastructure more effective at national, and especially at the regional and local level.

Within its activities, NSDI promoters will:
  • provide support to the National Contact Point in all NSDI awareness activities at the regional and local level
  • establish and maintain records of potential NSDI Subjects at the regional and local level
  • support all interested NSDI data users in understanding of the implementation and establishment of NSDI in the Republic of Croatia
  • participate in national NSDI events and professional educations.
Jelena Unger State Geodetic Administration, PUK Koprivnica
Danko Ordanić State Geodetic Administration, PUK Požega
Josip Mikulandra State Geodetic Administration, PUK Šibenik
Stanislav Pajdić State Geodetic Administration, PUK Slavonski Brod
Tomislav Marić State Geodetic Administration, PUK Sisak
Viktor Štih State Geodetic Administration, PUK Krapina
Josip Zubak State Geodetic Administration, PUK Zagreb
Dijana Vidas State Geodetic Administration, PUK Karlovac
Slobodan Đekić State Geodetic Administration, PUK Pula
Goran Butorović State Geodetic Administration, PUK Split
Nina Stopić State Geodetic Administration, PUK Gospić
Valent Stepan State Geodetic Administration, PUK Varaždin
Dubravko Župan State Geodetic Administration, PUK Osijek
Iva Iličić Mišura State Geodetic Administration, PUK Bjelovar
Sanja Hečimović State Geodetic Administration, PUK Virovitica
Mirko Štefanek State Geodetic Administration, PUK Zadar
Jozo Katić State Geodetic Administration, PUK Rijeka
Zlatko Horvat State Geodetic Administration, PUK Čakovec
Zvonimir Šimunković State Geodetic Administration, PUK Dubrovnik
Terezija Pavelić State Geodetic Administration, PUK Vukovar
Darko Šiško City of Zagreb