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HAKOM reported two new network services in NSDI Geoportal

HAKOM has reported two new network services in NSDI Geoportal, WMS and WFS services that shows geographical reference of mobile communication operators base stations and radio stations of digital terrestrial television with basic tehnical information (information about effective expressed power, anntena orientation, anntena height and type of base station installation or operation frequency of DVB-T station).

Data are published for the radio station for which HAKOM conducted procedure for ensurance that electromagnetic fields values around individual radio station, prescribed by the Regulations on the Protection of the electromagnetic fields of the Ministry of Health,are satisfied. View Service (WMS) is available without any restrictions until the download service (WFS) is intended just for local government.

Number of current network services available in the NSDI catalogue arise on 51. The establishment of the network services of the data within their jurisdiction is one of the fundamental NSDI subject obligation, and it's a way for a standardized form of spatial data sharing.