New INSPIRE technical guidance

During the 5th INSPIRE Maintenance and Implementation Group (MIG) meeting on 30 November 2016, the following documents prepared by the MIG technical group and sub-groups were endorsed:
  • Technical Guidance for the implementation of INSPIRE dataset and service metadata based on ISO/TS 19139:2007,
  • Guidelines for the use of Observations & Measurements and Sensor Web Enablement-related standards in INSPIRE,
  • Technical Guidance for implementing download services using the OGC Sensor Observation Service and ISO 19143 Filter Encoding,
  • Technical Guidance for the implementation of INSPIRE Download Services using Web Coverage Services (WCS),
  • Central INSPIRE registry and INSPIRE register Federation – Terms of Reference for the control body and submitting organisations,
  • Technical Guidance for INSPIRE Spatial Data Services and services allowing spatial data services to be invoked.

This important milestone marks the completion of more than 2 years of work of numerous national experts under the 2014-2016 INSPIRE Maintenance and Implementation work programme. Documents stated above are published in the INSPIRE Knowledge Base and can be found on the following link.