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Adoption of the National Spatial Data Infrastructure Strategy 2020 and the Spatial Data Infrastructure Strategic Plan for the period 2017 - 2020

At the 57th Government session held on 22nd September 2017 director general of State Geodetic Administration Ph.D. Damir Šantek presented the National Spatial Data Infrastructure Strategy as well as the Strategic Plan of the National Spatial Data Infrastructure for the period 2017-2020. After the presentation, Strategy and Strategic plan were unanimously adopted.

The guidance of the Strategy was vision which says; "Everyone can easily find, understand, and use spatial data."

The mission of all of us, NSDI stakeholders, is defined by the following statement: "Establish an infrastructure that provides spatial data to public institutions, business entities, organizations and citizens through standardized network services."

The adoption of this strategy will help all stakeholders, primarily NSDI subjects, to achieve compliance with the European Spatial Data Infrastructure defined by the INSPIRE Directive. The same will further emphasize the centralized access to spatial data of the public bodies through the NSDI geoportal, which will result in greater efficiency of state administration in areas directly or indirectly linked to spatial data. Fulfillment of the strategic goals will increase the number of spatial data presently present, primarily at the regional and local level, where the largest number of new NSDI subjects are expected. The same principle will prevent the use of spatial data that is not official, thereby reducing the risk of administrative procedures and the risk of irregularities when downloading them.
The strategy was prepared in the State Geodetic Administration and was agreed with the NSDI stakeholders, primarily subjects through the workshops and consultations.