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Meeting of the Workgroup for NSDI technical standards

On April 16, 2018, the first meeting of the newly established Workgroup for NSDI technical standards was held at the State Geodetic Administration. The main task of the Workgroup is to support NSDI stakeholders in fulfilling the requirements of interoperability at the data and network services level.
The picture shows a set of documents.

Tomislav Ciceli, NSDI secretary and the Head of NSDI Division, welcomed the group and clarified the tasks and goals of the Workgroup for NSDI technical standards. The members of the Workgroup presented their competences within the establishment, development, and maintenance of spatial data infrastructure. Team leader Dragan Divjak presented the Work Plan of the Workgroup for NSDI technical standards for 2018 and outlined their future activities and goals.

The basic tasks of the Workgroup are:
  • Follow the European regulation related to INSPIRE
  • Propose recommendations for the application of new technologies in the NSDI establishment
  • Propose recommendations for using specific technical standards for network services for different spatial data types
  • Provide support in ensuring the interoperability of NSDI data
  • Submit a Report for 2018
  • Participate in workshops and conferences.

In addition, members of the working group discussed the proposal of the namespace, a fixed part of the INSPIRE ID, and their participation in workshops and conferences dedicated to spatial data infrastructures.