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Meeting of the Workgroup for NSDI spatial data

Workgroup for NSDI spatial data held its first meeting in the new composition on 11 May 2018. The aim of the Workgroup is to face and solve the problems arising from the data themselves, overlaping the jurisdiction of the themes and to present the Republic of Croatia in the data-related part of the INSPIRE community.

At this meeting, Head of the Workgroup Tomislav Ciceli presented the work plan of the Workgroup. The basic tasks under the above-mentioned Work Plan are:
  • To represent the Republic of Croatia within the distribution of Thematic clusters in the INSPIRE community.
  • Contribute to existing and future NSDI/INSPIRE regulations regarding the data.
  • Continue to work on data related activities and their adaptation to NSDI requirements.
  • Analyse NSDI data relationships from different jurisdictions, and make recommendations for more efficient and rational collection.
During the meeting, discussions were focused on how the knowledge and experience that exist within the thematic clusters can be more efficiently shared with all NSDI subjects.
The picture shows a series of 9 photos showing NSDI topics, ie thematic "clusters".