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90 new spatial data sources in the NSDI Metadata Catalog

The National Contact Point in cooperation with the Croatian Agency for the Environment and Nature (CAEN) has established an automatic harvesting of data between the two catalogs, the NSDI Geoportal and the ENVI portal, and thus a large number of sources are now included in the NSDI Metadata Catalog.

The Croatian Agency for the Environment and Nature (CAEN) has released 90 new spatial data sources and updated existing ones. 28 of the new sources published refer to spatial data sets, whereas more than 60 refer to network services. Published sources include so-called INSPIRE spatial data, but also those data that are intended only for national purposes and thus are not part of INSPIRE.
The picture shows the front page of the NSDI Geoportal.

By identifying and publishing 90 new spatial data sources in the NSDI Metadata Catalog, we have come closer to the goals set in the NSDI Strategic Plan for the period 2017-2020 which describe the importance of including new spatial data sources, their availability through network services, and compliance with INSPIRE implementing rules.

The CAEN, as NSDI subject, has proactively enabled this to be the largest one-time increase in the number of sources since the Metadata Catalog was established.

It is important to emphasize that this activity is an example of good practice that, among other things, demonstrates how metadata is collected and maintained only once and used several times. When a new spatial data source appears in the original catalog, its metadata record will also appear in the national catalog.