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National contact point

The State Geodetic Administration is the NSDI National Contact Point in the implementation of the INSPIRE Directive.

The SDI Sector was established by the Directive concerning internal organization of the State Geodetic Administration (OG 97/20, 83/23).

The Sector is comprised of:
  • Division for NSDI,
  • Division for sharing and exchange of data
  • Division for archiving and conversion of data.

Overview of the organizational structure of the Spatial Data Infrastructure Sector, which consists of the National Spatial Data Infrastructure Service and the Spatial Data services and archives Service..

Division for NSDI is comprised of two sections:
  • Department for NSDI coordination and interoperability,
  • Department for geographical names.
Overview of the organizational structure of the National Spatial Data Infrastructure Service (NSDI) consisting of the NSDI Coordination Department and the NSDI Interoperability Department.

The National Contact Point is responsible for communicating with the bodies of the European Commission with regards to the implementation of the INSPIRE Directive, efficient application of the National Spatial Data Infrastructure and performs secretarial tasks and coordination of the NSDI bodies as well as technical support services of the NSDI establishment, maintenance and development.

The National Contact Point shall perform the following: 
  • prepare proposals for strategy and operational programs of the Government of the Republic of Croatia in the NSDI area;
  • maintain the register of spatial data resources and NSDI subjects;
  • publicise a detailed description of spatial data themes;
  • establish, maintain and monitor the work of the NSDI Geoportal;
  • establish and maintain metadata public service within the NSDI Geoportal in a manner that enables NSDI subjects interactive maintenance of metadata within their competence;
  • work on spatial data interoperability and, where necessary, homogenisation;
  • coordinate and monitor the application of implementing rules in the Republic of Croatia;
  • develop and propose to the NSDI Council a program of activities and measures necessary to meet the conditions for spatial data infrastructure establishment, maintenance and development;
  • prepare reports on the implementation and use of spatial data infrastructure for the European Commission and the public;
  • in coordination with the NSDI bodies, propose acts from Article 17;
  • cooperate with the European Commission related to the INSPIRE Directive;
  • inform the NSDI subjects and the general public about the activities concerning the establishment, maintenance and development of the NSDI;
  • monitor the application and provide suggestions for improving NSDI implementation in practice.

National Contact Point creates annual and three-year reports on monitoring the NSDI establishment, maintenance and development for the European Commission.