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INSPIRE Geoportal technical workshop

On 23rd and 24th January 2019, Joint Research Centre had organized a technical workshop devoted to the new INSPIRE geoportal and issues related to displaying records from national catalogues. The meeting was attended by Tomislav Ciceli and Iva Gašparović as representatives of the Republic of Croatia.
Since the meeting was focused on specific technical and organizational irregularities, two national experts from each national contact point were involved: the national metadata catalogue administrator and the national activities coordinator.
The picture shows the participants of the meeting held on the topic of INSPIRE geoportal organized by the Joint Research Center.
In accordance with this year's INSPIRE geoportal upgrade, certain irregularities have been noted in the representation of national data and their incompatibility with the INSPIRE Implementation Rules, whereby the records are not displayed on the INSPIRE geoportal. That is why the Joint Research Centre has organized a technical workshop to improve the availability of national spatial data sources on the INSPIRE geoportal.
The main objectives of the meeting were:
  • Detection of technical errors for which national data does not appear on the INSPIRE geoportal
  • Collecting suggestions for the improvement of the INSPIRE geoportal and its tools
  • Establishing a network of technical experts.

During the meeting, several topics were addressed, method of structuring metadata records, structuring of network services, authentication issues, and other topics related to the presentation of data from national catalogues on the INSPIRE catalogue and their interoperability. Also, changes are being made to the harvesting of metadata records from national catalogues in the INSPIRE catalogue because of better system management.
The picture shows a snippet of code.
The Joint Research Centre will continue to work on improving the availability of national spatial data sources at the INSPIRE geoportal during the forthcoming meetings and workshops.