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A Report on monitoring the establishment, maintenance and development of National Spatial Data Infrastructure was submitted

The State Geodetic Administration has prepared and submitted an annual report on monitoring the establishment, maintenance and development of the NSDI for 2018 to the European Commission.

The report consists of a spatial data source whose data are defined by INSPIRE spatial data themes and the corresponding network services.

A total of 216 spatial data sources are submitted in the report (88 datasets, 28 series and 100 services) which can be classified into at least one INSPIRE theme. Existence and compliance of metadata is 100% as well as accessibility through national discovery service. The compatibility of datasets/series with INSPIRE specifications for a particular INSPIRE theme is still low, 8.4%.
The picture shows the total number of network services in 2018, expressed as a percentage: 64% are view services, 34% are download services and 2% are discovery services.

Out of a total of 216 datasets/series, 93 are available through view services (41%) and only 36 through download services (16%). Of all reported datasets/series, 15% of them are available for view and download through network services.

This year's report includes 100 network services (2 discovery services, 64 view services and 34 download services). Out of the total number of services, 20 are aligned with the implementation rules for network services (2 discovery services, 4 view services and 14 download services).