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Inspire resource linkages checker tool

With a goal of achieving a higher degree of interoperability over data and services Joint research centre has developed a tool which helps primarily subjects in meeting obligations that result from National Spatial Data Infrastructure Act (Official Gazette 56/13, 52/18), as well as from appropriate INSPIRE implementing rules.

INSPIRE resource linkages checker tool is intended for all INSPIRE data and services providers, as well as for all network services contractors for the purpose of checking metadata resource linkages (data sets, view and download services). The tool enables checking of existing metadata resources that have already been harvested on INSPIRE geoportal, as well as newly created metadata resources.
The picture shows the initial view of the INSPIRE resource linkages checker tool, with the option to choose between two metadata check options: new and existing.

By applying tool a report about potential problems is obtained, regarding the established linkages of metadata between spatial data resources identified on the INSPIRE geoportal.

Access to INSPIRE resource linkages checker is available on next link: