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Data from the Register of Geographical Names included in the GeoHrvatska browser

Access to the data of the Register of Geographical Names is now enabled on the GeoHrvatska viewer. Representation of three object types of the said Register is shown:  kindergartens, schools and hospitals, which are available in the thematic categories Environmental Quality and Land.
The Register of Geographical Names contains geographical names (endonyms) on the territory of the Republic of Croatia which are entered from various official documents. Data on geographical names of kindergartens and schools originate from the list which is maintained by the Ministry of Science and Education, while geographical names of hospitals are obtained from the Ministry of Health.
The State Geodetic Administration continues to develop the GeoHrvatska viewer by including official spatial data of the Republic of Croatia, in order to increase their availability and further use. The data is displayed on a browser using network services served by the institution responsible for their management.
The data of the Register of Geographical Names, i.e., the associated three object types: kindergartens, schools and hospitals, but also numerous other spatial data, can be accessed via the following links: as well as