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Forms for the needs of project implementation - indicators of project activities

The project "Capacity Building for the Establishment of the National Spatial Data Infrastructure", which is co-financed by the European Social Fund, is a beneficiary of the Operational Program Effective Human Resources. The main goal of this Operational Program is to contribute to the growth of employment and strengthening social cohesion in the Republic of Croatia. During the implementation of the project for this Operational Program, the obligation to fill in the following forms by the participants is prescribed for (forms are available in Croatian language):
  • Form 1: Personal data - a form that represents the status of participants before participating in the workshop. Note: the completion date can be, for example, the date of registration for the workshop or another date before the workshop (Croatian language).
  • Form 2: Data after the end of the activity - a form that represents the status of participants after participating in the workshop. Note: the date of completion must correspond to the date of the workshop or be later than it (Croatian language).

In addition, for the purposes of project implementation, it is necessary to attach a statement of the institution on the target group. With this statement, the head of the body confirms that the mentioned employees are also participants in project activities within the project "Capacity building for the establishment of the NSDI".
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