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Global Surveyors’ Day

The road to the Global Surveyors’ Day began in ancient Egypt when society first used surveying techniques to parcel the land. Throughout history, surveyors have remained pioneers of discovery, shaping our world to the present day by exploring the unknown on Earth but also in space. In order to draw attention to the role of geodesy and surveyors, the Council of European Geodetic Surveyors organizes a global event dedicated to Global Surveyors' Day every year. This year, Global Surveyors’ Day will be marked on March 23 (since the 21st falls on a Sunday) by an online event. You can find attendance registrations at the following link.

Carl Friedrich Gauss, a German mathematician, astronomer, physicist and surveyor, was named surveyor of the year 2021.

The picture shows C. F. Gauss

“It is not knowledge, but the act of learning, not possession but the act of getting there, which grants the greatest enjoyment.”

Carl Friedrich Gauss