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Information System for Physical Planning (ISPU)

Information System for Physical Planning is the foundation on which the e-license will be based. Geoportal, Cadastre and land use plans are connected in one unit which  allows the end user an easy access to information about the rules for the use of space. For each parcel it will be possible to see is it in the construction area or outside it, the kind of buildings can be built on it etc . The goal we want to achieve with this system is that the zoning system is transparent, accessible, and to enable easy monitoring and control of all the processes that happens in it.
ISPU is an example of the potential that has NSDI: combining different sources of spatial data from different institutions for the benefit of the citizen. Data collected by the citizens can come through a ISPU web browser ( represent the following topics  from INSPIRE directive: Cadastral parcels, Protected areas, Orthophoto maps, Land use, Utility and public service, Transport network.
The presentation was held by the Minister Anka Mrak Taritaš and Assistant Minister Daniel Meštrić.
Web viewer is avaliable on the website of the Ministry of Physical Planning and Construction.