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Announcement of the final 31st NSDI workshop from the cycle "Inclusion of local and regional self-government units in the NSDI"

In July 2020, the State Geodetic Administration launched a series of activities aimed at including local and regional self-government units in the National Spatial Data Infrastructure (NSDI), one of which is the holding of workshops, and the final of this cycle will be the 31st NSDI workshop which will be held on May 12, 2021 starting at 9.30am.

The main purpose of this, as well as of the previous workshops, is to assist local and regional self-government units as NSDI subjects in joining the NSDI, in order to clearly elaborate the obligations and activities they are obliged to fulfill under the NSDI Act (OG 56/13, 52/18, 50/20).

The 31st NSDI workshop will include a series of lectures covering topics related to the legal, technical, strategic and time frame of the NSDI and its products such as the NSDI Registers, the NSDI Geoportal and the GeoHrvatska browser. There will also be time for interaction with participants to get feedback on knowledge and understanding of the NSDI, as well as for discussion to try to resolve as many doubts or uncertainties of participants as possible.
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The organization of the workshop is co-financed by the European Social Fund within the implementation of the project "Capacity building for the establishment of the NSDI" implemented by the State Geodetic Administration.
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