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The series of workshops under the common title "Inclusion of local and regional self-government units in the NSDI" ended with the 31st NSDI workshop

In order to educate the representatives of local and regional self-government units, State Geodetic Administration launched a series of workshops under the common title "Inclusion of local and regional self-government units in the NSDI", held in the period from February to May 2021. The main purpose of these workshops was to get acquainted with the basics of the National Spatial Data Infrastructure (NSDI) and the process of inclusion in it, so that the local and regional self-government units, upon their completion, can independently perform the obligations and activities arising from the NSDI Act (OG 56/13, 52/18, 50/20). A total of 11 workshops was held with the participation of representatives from 247 different units of local and regional self-government.
The picture shows Tanja Rodin, MsC, during her lecture at the 31st NSDI workshop
The last from these cycles was the 31st NSDI Workshop, held on May 12, 2021, organized by the State Geodetic Administration as the National Contact Point for the NSDI. The workshop contained a series of lectures given by Tomislav Ciceli, MsC, and Tanja Rodin, MsC. These lectures presented the development and establishment of the NSDI, as well as its main elements (NSDI Registers, network services) and products (NSDI Geoportal, GeoHrvatska browser).  

The picture shows the moderator of the 31st NSDI workshop Davor Kršulović and Tomislav Ciceli, MsC, during his lecture at the 31st NSDI workshop

The 31st NSDI workshop was opened by Antonio Šustić, Deputy Director General of the SGA, and the audience was then addressed by Ljerka Marić, MsC, Head of the Spatial Data Infrastructure Sector. In addition to the lectures, a short, anonymous questionnaire was conducted, as well as a final discussion, which contributed to the understanding of the NSDI and clarification of doubts, and also pointed out the need for holding this kind of workshops.
The picture shows the answers obtained to the 7th question from the questionnaire, which show that out of a total of 55 respondents, 35 of them (63.6%) still establish, maintain and store spatial data in an analog form.
The picture shows the evaluation of the workshop by the participants, which shows that most of the participants rated the overall satisfaction with the workshop as excellent.
The 31st NSDI workshop was organized within the implementation of the project of the State Geodetic Administration "Capacity building for the establishment of the NSDI", which is co-financed by the European Social Fund.

The State Geodetic Administration thanks everyone for the great response and looks forward to further cooperation!
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