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The second session of the National Spatial Data Infrastructure Council held

President of the NSDI Council, Damir Šantek, PhD, and member of the NSDI Council Ljerka Marić, MsC, informed the members of the NSDI Council and others present about the activities on the establishment, maintenance and development of the NSDI for 2020.
The picture shows the invitation to the second session of the NSDI Council

With the entry into force of the Act on Amendments to the National Spatial Data Infrastructure Act (May 2020), changes to the INSPIRE Directive were transposed into Croatian legislation. The inclusion of local and regional self-government units in the NSDI and the implementation of activities from the project "Capacity building for the establishment of the National Spatial Data Infrastructure" (co-financed by the European Social Fund) increased the number of NSDI subjects from the local level, from the initial 7 subjects in the previous 7 years up to a total of 194 local subjects registered in the Register of NSDI Subjects in 2020. In 2020, the activities within the project "Increasing the availability of NSDI spatial data through e-services" (co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund) continued, which aims to increase the availability of spatial data of public authorities, ie NSDI subjects, by developing network services in line with the INSPIRE Implementing Rules. The annual Report on the Establishment, Maintenance and Development of the NSDI in the Republic of Croatia was submitted to the European Commission together with the results of the annual report on monitoring the implementation of the INSPIRE Directive. A new NSDI Metadata Specification has been developed and successfully implemented on the NSDI Geoportal. Also, activities to improve the technical framework of the NSDI (NSDI Geoportal, GeoCroatia browser and NSDI Registers) and activities to spread awareness about NSDI continued.
The picture shows: Šantek, Marić, Ciceli, Kršulović

At the session of the NSDI Council, the Report on Activities for the Establishment, Maintenance and Development of the NSDI for 2020 was unanimously adopted.
The picture shows the Report