7th INSPIRE Conference, 23-27.06.2013., Florence, Italy

In a period of 23 to 27 June, a seventh INSPIRE Conference was held. This year's conference was held in Florence, Italy, under the official title "Green renesence".


According to the information available at the conference more than 600 participants were present, primarily from Europe. The conference was organized by the plenary, parallel and poster sessions, and workshops. A total of about 200 presentations, 38 workshops 56 of the poster session were presented, which still indicates a very strong interest in problems related to INSPIRE.

In front of the SGA during the conference the following papers were presented:
• "Croatian NSDI Metadata Profile": Željko Hećimović, Tomislav Ciceli, Danko Markovinović
• "Law on National Spatial Data Infrastructure; case study Croatia": Tomislav Ciceli, Željko Hećimović, Ivana Medarić, Danko Markovinović
• "The role of NSDI within e-Croatia": Marjana Zelić

One of the conclusions of global conferences that this conference ends transposition phase and begin the actual implementation phase of INSPIRE.

Complete review of papers published on the INSPIRE Conference is available on the website dedicated to the conference.