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Presentations and image gallery of the conference “SDI Day 2021” published

The State Geodetic Administration, as the organizer of the conference, thanks to all participants of the conference “SDI Day 2021” for their contribution, and hereby informs all interested participants that the presentations of the lectures are now available for review via a link, and their download is possible in PDF format.

A gallery of images has also been published, which follows the sequence of events at the “SDI Day 2021” conference, and we hope that this way we will be able to convey a part of the atmosphere to you if you did not have the opportunity to participate in the conference, and for the participants of the 12th NSDI and INSPIRE day, we believe that they will remember interesting events through this image gallery.

The image gallery of the “SDI Day 2021” conference is divided into two parts:
  • the first, which includes the grand opening, an invited lecture, the announcement of the mobile application GeoCroatia and the round table (just below)
  • second, which includes sessions with lectures (below on the page)

First part - grand opening, invited lecture, round table:

Second part - lectures:  

Image gallery is also available via a link.