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Project of developing the NSDI Strategy has started

SGA as the National Contact Point for NSDI / INSPIRE launched the development of the NSDI Strategy. In the competition organized by the World Bank Swedish company Swedsurvey was selected.
As one of the activities in the project, on 3rd of July 2014 a meeting between the heads of working groups and employees of spatial data infrastructure sector with a Swedish consultant Anders Ostman was organized in which the course of the project was introduced and on the basis of questions prepared by the consultant the discussion with the heads of the working groups was developed.

Each head has presented the work of his working group briefly and stressed problems the working group is encountering with.

Topics that were touched on the meeting included local government, as well as raising awareness of spatial data at that level, business models and ways of licensing, ways to make spatial data available to users, services, and the further direction of working groups.

The heads of the NSDI working groups expressed satisfaction with initiated project that will give its contribution in redefining of the work of working groups as well, and everyone involved in the project will be able to actively participate in the development of the strategy. The strategy will be developed for the period until 2020, and it is expected by the end of the year to be sent for approval to the Croatian Government.