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The Government accepted the Report on activities on the establishment, maintenance and development of the National Spatial Data Infrastructure for 2022.

Based on the Law on the National Spatial Data Infrastructure (Official Gazette 56/13, 52/18 and 50/20), the State Geodetic Administration drafted a report on activities on the establishment, maintenance and development of NSDI for the year 2022 and sent it to the NSDI Council for adoption. The same was then sent to the Government for acceptance. The report was presented at the 245th session of the Government, held on August 24, 2023, and a Conclusion was adopted accepting the Report.

Excerpt from the presentation of the Report from the 245th session of the Government

The report presents an overview of activities in the areas related to the legislative, institutional and technical framework, as well as capacity building and spreading awareness of NSDI in 2022. During 2022, progress is visible in the establishment of the National Spatial Data Infrastructure (NSDI), which is reflected in greater availability of public sector spatial data in a transparent and interoperable manner. Activities on the NSDI Registers, the Geoportal of the NSDI and the browser for citizens GeoCroatia also continued. The GeoHrvatska mobile application was put into trial operation, and the NSDI website was adapted for mobile devices. It is important to mention that during the year we worked on spreading awareness as well as promoting NSDI through workshops and a conference.

The number of new entities that are actively involved in presenting their data via the NSDI Geoportal increased by 23%, while the number of new sources of spatial data available for search increased by 16%, compared to 2021. The level of interoperability has also increased, which is reflected in 15% of new network services on the NSDI Geoportal, compared to 2021. By the end of 2022, a total of 79 entities and 863 sources of spatial data were registered on the NSDI Geoportal. A large number of entities, mostly local self-government units, are in some of the working stages of publishing data on the NSDI Geoportal, which will become available for search and use during 2023.

chart of changes on NSDI Geoportal in two years

In addition to the above results, in terms of the increase in the number of subjects and reported sources, it is still important to emphasize that an additional effort is needed by all NSDI subjects in order to raise the level of availability and interoperability of spatial data. The Republic of Croatia still needs to undertake activities to increase the number of interoperably available spatial data, which still requires the serious engagement of the National Contact Point, and mostly the engagement of NSDI entities that are obliged to develop interoperable spatial data network services.

Excerpt from the presentation of the Report from the 245th session of the Government of the Republic of Croatia by the President of the NSDI Council, Antonio Šustić.