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INSPIRE conference 2023 entitled "GreenData4All" held on 28-29 November in Brussels, Belgium

This year's INSPIRE conference 2023, entitled "GreenData4All", was held on 28-29 November in Brussels, and contained a plenary session divided into two parts and a total of 17 lectures in three parallel sessions. Lectures were given by leading experts in the field of INSPIRE and related fields.

The picture shows the first part of the plenary session at the INSPIRE 2023 conference.

The plenary session presented data and technologies that enable a green digital transition within the framework of existing and upcoming legislation and considering the extremely growing and changing amount of data from institutions, companies and citizens themselves. The lectures covered a wide range of topics such as the perspective of the spatial industry regarding the change of the EU digital landscape, the multidisciplinarity of EU data spaces, digital twins and virtual reality, high-value data, the initial results of the implementation of projects regarding the Green Deal Data Space, the potential benefits of INSPIRE and others.

The picture shows one of the many lectures at the INSPIRE conference 2023.

The INSPIRE 2023 conference also presented future directions for the development of spatial data in the context of the INSPIRE directive, and it was thus emphasized that the INSPIRE directive will be a key instrument for making available the necessary data needed to solve environmental and climate challenges (Green Deal for Europe), increasing ecological democracy and strengthening the emerging data economy (Common European Data Spaces).

The picture shows one of the many lectures at the INSPIRE conference 2023.

All sessions were really interesting and useful regarding the development of INSPIRE and its integration into data spaces, digital twins and other emerging spatial technologies. The disadvantages and advantages of the implementation of INSPIRE were also highlighted, and proposals were presented that could help in the implementation of INSPIRE both in terms of facilitating implementation and in terms of its application.

The conference was attended by over 800 experts and interested parties (live and online) from a total of 49 countries. The largest share of participants came from the public sector (32% from the national level, 8% from the regional level and 5% from the local level), followed by 17% from the economic level and 11% from the academic level.