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The annual Report on monitoring the implementation of the INSPIRE Directive for 2023 has been published

In March 2024, the European Commission publicly announced the results of the annual Report on the monitoring of the INSPIRE Directive for the Republic of Croatia in 2023, which are available at the location: INSPIRE Geoportal - INSPIRE Monitoring and Reporting 2023 (
The results show 19 monitoring indicators divided into five categories: availability of spatial data and services, metadata conformity, conformity of spatial datasets, conformity of network services, and accessibility of datasets through view and download services.
The results are expressed in the form of whole numbers or percentages, and were automatically calculated from the metadata that is published to the INSPIRE Geoportal through the national catalog service and the status display on the Inspire Geoportal.

The picture shows a comparison of indicators for 2022 and 2023

There is an increase in conformity and accessibility of data through view and download services, and the Republic of Croatia is also recognized as an example of good practice in three areas: effective use of the INSPIRE Reference validator for validating metadata, data and services, metadata conformity that is close to 100 percent and overall improvement of all monitoring indicators.