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Call for evidence for „GreenDeal4All“ initiative

The European Commission invites all interested parties to submit feedback and opinions for the "Green Data for All" initiative on the "Have your say" platform.
The ‘GreenData4All’ initiative will help deliver on Europe’s green and digital transformation by updating EU rules on environmental geospatial data and on public access to environmental information. The aim is to:
• enable greater sharing of data between the public & private sectors and with the general public
• unlock the full benefits of data sharing for data-driven innovation and evidence-based decisions
In relation to the INSPIRE Directive, the "GreenData4All" initiative aims to make the INSPIRE Directive an efficient and cost-effective instrument for the exchange of environmental data in support of environmental policy development and implementation and the transition to a more sustainable economy, which requires additional INSPIRE Directive regulations.
The aforementioned will be achieved by simplifying and modernizing the technical provisions for the harmonization of data, network services - including the extensive use of application programming interfaces (APIs) - and metadata, by aligning data characteristics and rules on data sharing and reuse with relevant horizontal legislation, by considering flexible solutions for setting data characteristics and data sharing standards through flexible coordination of mechanisms to make them future-proof and to be technology-neutral, but also on other levels such as the data included (distinguishing environmental data and other data, using other non-spatial environmental data through linking attributes to spatial data or as separate datasets) and on the organizational/management structure and other.
All interested stakeholders can participate in providing feedback for the "GreenData4All" initiative, i.e. those affected by the said initiative by existing or proposed law or policy, by submitting their own views and feedbacks by sending comments or documents.
We invite all NSDI stakeholders and other interested parties to actively participate in the formation of legislation on the "Have your say" platform. Consultations will be open until March 25, 2024.