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11th NSDI workshop

In the context of the adoption of the NSDI Strategy 2020, endorsed by the NSDI Council on the 9th of May 2017, the 11th NSDI Workshop was held at the State Geodetic Administration. It was attended by 47 participants, representatives of 28 institutions, NSDI subjects.
The picture shows Tomislav Ciceli during the presentation of the NSDI 2020 Strategy.
Gathered participants at the beginning of the workshop were welcomed by Ljerka Marić, Head of the Spatial Data Infrastructure Sector of the State Geodetic Administration, who stressed the importance of adopting the NSDI Strategy to all NSDI stakeholders.
Tomislav Ciceli, Head of the NSDI Service, presented the Strategy itself with a focus on basic elements; vision, mission and strategic goals. As the ultimate NSDI goal, a vision is highlighted that reads "Everyone can easily find, understand, and use spatial data."
Also there were presented activities at the level of each strategic goal that are planned to be realized.
The figure shows the participants of the 11th NSDI workshop during the presentation of the NSDI 2020 Strategy. The workshop was attended by 47 participants.

The picture shows an open discussion, where participants ask questions and comment on the presented strategy and planned activities.
In continuation, there was an active discussion among the participants who expressed their satisfaction with the written strategy and planned activities and stressed the need to strengthen inter-institutional co-operation in order to achieve our goals and obligations. Participants were asked to submit their comments and suggestions in the given term in order to timely fulfill all the prerequisites for adopting the strategy.
The picture shows the continuation of the discussion and the asking of questions and comments.