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14th NSDI Workshop

On 29 November 2018, the 14th NSDI Workshop for NSDI subjects was held at the State Geodetic Administration under the title "NSDI metadata catalogue." The workshop was attended by 26 participants, representatives of NSDI subjects.

The primary theme of the workshop was to analyze the metadata quality from the NSDI metadata catalogue and to correct the detected irregularities to ensure their harmonization with INSPIRE implementation rules and to properly display them on the INSPIRE geoportal.
The attendees were welcomed by the Head of the NSDI Division, Tomislav Ciceli, MSc, who emphasized in the introductory lecture the importance of metadata quality from the perspective of all NSDI stakeholders.

The picture shows the participants of the workshop, representatives of NSDI subjects, during the presentation of Tomislav Ciceli.
The next presentation by Iva Gašparović, PhD, gave an overview of the current spatial data source status reported in the NSDI metadata catalogue and insight into the new INSPIRE geoportal, its capabilities and tools. Also, irregularities are shown due to which data reported in the national catalogue are not correctly displayed on the INSPIRE geoportal.
The picture shows the presentation of Ivo Gašparović at a workshop attended by 26 participants, representatives of NSDI subjects.
The workshop continued with practical work with the NSDI metadata catalogue and new INSPIRE geoportal tools. Using the INSPIRE Resource Browser, the workshop participants detected irregularities on their metadata and removed them accordingly. During the practical work, discussions were made about how to prevent the occurrence of irregularities and other problems that NSDI subjects have in reporting data.
The figure shows the practical work of the participants with the NSDI Metadata Catalog and the new INSPIRE geoportal tools.
The State Geodetic Administration as a National Contact Point continues its activities related to the NSDI implementation, and this workshop was also on that track. The topic related to raising the quality of metadata reported will certainly recur to raise awareness of the importance of regular metadata updates.

14th NSDI Workshop Agenda
10:00–10:10 Workshop opening  
10:10–10:30 Tomislav Ciceli: Introduction to the NSDI metadata catalog PDF
10:30–11:00 Iva Gašparović: NSDI metadata catalog PDF
11:00–11:30 Iva Gašparović: Practical work - NSDI metadata catalog  
11:30–12:00 Break  
12:00–13:00 Iva Gašparović: Practical work - INSPIRE geoportal  
13:00–13:30 Discussion  
13:30 Workshop closure