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18th NSDI Workshop

On June 3rd, 2020, the 18th NSDI workshop entitled “Development of models and measures for the sharing of spatial data sets and services” was held as a webinar. The workshop was intended for local promoters and NSDI subjects and was attended by about 50 participants.
The workshop was held by Dragan Divjak, MSc, from the company List Geoinformatika and assoc. prof. Romana Matanovac Vučković, PhD, from the Faculty of Law, the University of Zagreb in cooperation with the National Contact Point.
The goal of the workshop was to acquaint the participants with the legal basis in the field of licenses and conditions for the use of spatial data and to analyze the current situation and define the needs to develop licenses for spatial data use.
Those present were greeted by Ljerka Marić, MSc Head of the Sector for Spatial Data Infrastructure and Tomislav Ciceli, MSc Head of the NSDI Division. In her welcome speech, Ljerka Marić, Msc, commented the adoption of the Act Amending the National Spatial Data Infrastructure Act (OG 50/20), which, among other things, changed the composition of the NSDI Council to enable its more efficient work.
The figure shows the virtual sending of the agreement, such as the data on the use of the license and the conditions of use of spatial data on the website.

After the welcome speeches, followed an introductory lecture by Tomislav Ciceli, Msc, who pointed out that this is the first in a series of six workshops funded under the ESF project “Strengthening Capacities for the Establishment of the National Spatial Data Infrastructure” which aims to increase the number of subjects. He also referred to the NSDI products development, where the emphasis was placed on the importance of quality concerning the previous quantity.
In the continuation of the workshop lecture by Dragan Divjak, MSc followed entitled “Analysis of models and measures for sharing spatial data of NSDI”. He referred to the terminology and its interpretation in terms of permits and licenses and presented the available tools that can help determine the required type of license. Thus, the tool JLA – Joinup Licensing Assistant was presented, which, based on the selected parameters, leads to the proposed group of licenses. Also, a tool was presented on the European Data Portal website, which also helps to select licenses.
This was followed by a lecture held by assoc. prof. Romana Matanovac Vučković, PhD, entitled “Models and measures for sharing NSDI spatial data sets and services”. In her lecture, she presented in detail the legal sources for working with licenses. She referred to Directive (EU) 2019/1024 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 20th June 2019 on open data and the re-use of public sector information, as well as to high-value spatial datasets. Finally, she presented the licenses proposed for the NSDI spatial data, which include two types of open and six types of special licenses, and clarified in detail the difference for each license. 
To better understand subjects needs in terms of licenses, after the lecture a questionnaire was conducted. During the lecture and presentation of the proposed licenses, an interactive discussion was developed in which questions were asked about the possible application of licenses and the problems that institutions encounter when issuing data, which assoc. prof. Romana Matanovac Vučković, PhD, answered.
The figure shows the ribbon of the European Social Fund with the logo of the European Union, the European Structural and Investment Funds, and the European Social Fund.

10:00–10:10 Workshop opening  
10:10–10:20 Tomislav Ciceli: Strengthening of capacity for NSDI implementation PDF
10:20–10:30 Dragan Divjak: Analysis of models and measures for sharing NSDI spatial data PDF
10:30–11:00 Romana Matanovac Vučković: Models and measures for sharing NSDI spatial data sets and services
11:00-11:10 Questionnaire  
11:10-11:30 Romana Matanovac Vučković: Presentation of draft licenses  
11:30-12:00 Discussion on proposed licenses  
12:00 Workshop closure