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10th NSDI workshop

The tenth NSDI workshop was held on 24.11.2016 at the Faculty of Geodesy University of Zagreb. It was a practical workshop intended for the NSDI local promoters, that were selected from the regional offices of the SGA and will assist National Contact Point in raising awareness on NSDI and help with the implementation of specific activities important to the NSDI in the local communities. 19 promoters attended the first workshop. The workshop was opened by the SGA Deputy Director Vladimir Majetić who emphasized the importance of promoting NSDI and wished a pleasant work to all participants.
The picture shows the participants of the tenth NSDI workshop held at the Faculty of Geodesy during the presentation of Tomislav Ciceli.

Head of SDI Sector Mrs. Ljerka Marić in the welcome speech reviewed the activities planned for the local promoters and briefly explained the development of the NSDI in the previous period.

The education was held by employees of the National Contact Point: Tomislav Ciceli, Petra Sajko Hlušička, Iva Gašparović and Renata Ogorelc.

Head of Division Mr. Tomislav Ciceli has presented all the activities and goals of the NSDI, and explained the path of NSDI in European terms as well as obligations which arise from INSPIRE Directive.

In the presentation NSDI Register it was explained which Registers are led by National Contact Point as well as the process of registration of NSDI subjects in both Registers. A new application NSDI Registers was presented, where participants could practically test its basic functionalities.
The picture shows the practical part of the workshop, where the staff of the National Contact Point referred the participants individually to the presented NSDI Registers application.

Iva Gašparović presented the basic information on Metadata, Metadata Specification and the NSDI Geoportal. During the workshop participants were able to invoke view and download services through NSDI Geoportal and to see how is the discovery service implemented in the geoportal.

From the technical side, Renata Ogorelc explained discovery, view, download, transformation and invoke services that are required by INSPIRE directive.

At the end, results of the survey filled by participants before the workshop on the knowledge and the use of NSDI as well as the list of activities and obligations for local promoters were presented.
10th NSDI Workshop Agenda
10:00–10:15 Workshop opening  
10:15–11:45 T. Ciceli: Uvod u NIPP i INSPIRE

P. Sajko Hlušička: Registri NIPP-a

I. Gašparović: Katalog metapodataka NIPP-a (1)


11:45–12:15 Coffee break  
12:15–13:30 I. Gašparović: Katalog metapodataka NIPP-a (2)

R. Ogorelc: Mrežne usluge

T. Ciceli: Uloga lokalnih promotora u NIPP-u