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33rd NSDI workshop

The thirty-third NSDI workshop was held on March 7, 2023, organized by the State Geodetic Administration as an "online" workshop via the Microsoft Teams platform. The purpose of the 33rd NSDI workshop was to encourage work on the harmonization of data under the jurisdiction of public authorities in order to fulfill the obligations set by the INSPIRE directive and the NSDI Act.
Data harmonization means the translation from the existing data model to the data model defined by the INSPIRE directive and accompanying legislation. It is recognized as an area with insufficient investments by NSDI subjects, and represents one of the basic steps in the establishment, maintenance and development of NSDI. Therefore, the State Geodetic Administration as the National Contact Point prepared a workshop where the focus was on practical work with data in the FME software tool.

The picture shows a snippet of the FME workspace for the Hydrography theme

FME (Feature Manipulation Engine) is a data integration platform that enables a simpler process of data harmonization using INSPIRE plugins for FME. This process involves loading the input data and connecting the necessary "transformers" to obtain the INSPIRE harmonized output data. Users could follow in detail each step in the data harmonization process and learn more about the requirements of individual themes in accordance with the data specifications.
The FME software solution was acquired within the framework of the ERDF project "Increasing the availability of NSDI spatial data through e-services" whose goal was to increase the availability of spatial data of public authorities, i.e. NSDI subjects, by developing INSPIRE-compliant network services, and was implemented by the State Geodetic Administration.
The picture shows a graphic of the output harmonized data for the Hydrography theme

Within INSPIRE, there are 34 themes according to which data harmonization is possible in accordance with data specifications, and themes selected for work at the 33rd NSDI workshop were Hydrography, Transport networks, Land use and Buildings under the jurisdiction of the City of Zagreb. The result of the workshop was data harmonized according to INSPIRE in the form of a *.gml file. Final validations of the obtained output data were carried out through the INSPIRE Reference Validator and afterwards errors were corrected. View and download services will soon be available for harmonized data.
The workshop was attended by employees of the National Contact Point, representatives of the companies conterra and Multisoft that put FME on the market, and representatives of the City of Zagreb.
The State Geodetic Administration continues to strive to make it easier for NSDI subjects to fulfill their obligations in order to carry out work on the establishment, maintenance and development of NSDI as simply as possible.