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6th NSDI and INSPIRE workshop

On 13th of June 2014 the 6th NSDI and INSPIRE workshop took place in the premises of State Geodetic Administration and was attended by 23 participants. The workshop was dedicated by two hours long presentation of Belgian Consultants Joep Crompvoetsa and Danny Vandenbrouckea which through the  INTEGRATED LAND ADMINISTRATION SYSTEM project, financed by the World Bank, participated in realization of report for Monitoring and Reporting Spatial Data Infrastructure in Croatia for European Commission.
The picture shows the presentation held in the premises of the State Geodetic Administration.

After accession to EU, Croatia has become obliged to make reporting every three years as well as monitoring each year. Deadline for submission of monitoring to the European Commission was 15th of May 2014 and deadline for submission of reporting is 15th of May 2016. The National Contact Point is responsible for these tasks and through this project the foundations for further monitoring and reporting were laid.

These reports certainly include involvement of NSDI subjects. Thus the aim of this workshop was to introduce the NSDI subject to wider picture and reasons why they were required to do some activities, and give answers to questions that consultants set up in order to conclude a report for Monitoring of NSDI establishment. One of the activities was certainly an online questionnaire that was sent to the subjects with the deadline of 2nd of May 2014 for completing.
The picture shows the participants of the workshop during the presentation.

A total of 18 NSDI subjects participated in annual monitoring and they have provided information for 152 spatial data sets, 24 services, 77% of data with associated metadata and 69% of data conformal with metadata.

The questions that throughout the research could not be answered consultants clearly set out in a questionnaire where the subjects gave answers during a one-hour discussion in the working group led by two representatives of the National Contact Point: Ljerka Maric and Tomislav Ciceli.
The picture shows the working discussion of the participants divided into two groups led by the representatives of the National Contact Point: Ljerka Marić and Tomislav Ciceli.

Once more, the workshop connected NSDI subjects and gave them an opportunity to exchange experiences and discuss problems they were facing. The subjects expressed satisfaction with workshop held on 13 th of June 2014 and they have shown an interest in participating further workshops that would show more practical examples of implementation of INSPIRE in the European countries.