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5th NSDI workshop

On 25.11.2013 in the Ministry of Public Administration in Zagreb 5 NSDI workshop was held on, which was attended by 40 representatives of various institutions , NSDI subjects .
This workshop has practical character, as well as the previous one, where representatives of NSDI- acquainted with the way of completing the metadata in the Metadata Editor.
On the NSDI web site recently was published metadata in HTML . Briefly passed through the site that serves as information and help to fill the metadata that all entities are required to fill for their datas.
Subjects were presented to: Register of the NSDI subjects and Register of the NSDI resource of spatial data. All possible observations on the information in the Registries participants had the opportunity to give during the workshop , and those who are first time met with Registries met up with the obligation of providing information for the same Register through documentspublished on the NSDI website.
Through lecture of Mr. Dragan Divjak workshop participants had the opportunity to see how the data models synchronized with INSPIRE and are once more familiar with their obligations as subjects have towards Europe .
As always, the workshop followed an interesting discussion in which they address the concerns and subjects questions .
The workshop program can be found here , and all information and further assistance can be requested at .