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32nd NSDI workshop

On July 6, 2022, Devision of National Spatial Data Infrastructure, which operates within the Spatial Data Infrastructure Sector of the State Geodetic Administration, organized the 32nd NSDI workshop. The workshop was held via the Microsoft Teams virtual platform with the presence of approx. 40 representatives of local and regional self-government units and other interested parties.

Grafikon prikazuje razdiobu sudionika obzirom na razinu iz koje dolaze

Grafikon prikazuje razdiobu sudionika obzirom na vrstu jedinice lokalne samouprave

The workshop was held under the title "Inclusion in the National Infrastructure of Spatial Data (NSDI)". The aim of the workshop was to familiarize future subjects with the activities carried out by the State Geodetic Administration, as the National Contact Point for NSDI, the purpose and importance of NSDI, and to encourage them to participate in NSDI.

dr. sc. Damir Šantek, glavni ravnatelj DGU i mr. sc. Tomislav Ciceli - otvaranje radionice

The workshop was opened by Dr. sc. Damir Šantek, Director General of the State Geodetic Administration. In his welcoming speech, the Director mentioned the advantages and benefits of NSDI and emphasized the need for greater involvement of participants in NSDI.

dr. sc. Damir Šantek, glavni ravnatelj DGU - pozdravni govor

The introductory lecture entitled: "Everyone can find, understand and use spatial data" was held by M.Sc.Tomislav Ciceli, head of the Devision of the National Spatial Data Infrastructure. The workshop participants were acquainted with the legal framework on which the NSDI is based, the stated purpose and goals of the NSDI, as well as the obligations that entities must fulfill based on the Law on National Spatial Data Infrastructure (Official Gazette 56/13, 52/18, 50/20). Once again, the importance and need for the inclusion of subjects in NSDI and their cooperation with the State Geodetic Administration as the National Contact Point was emphasized, and the results of the activities undertaken so far were presented, which are best reflected in the significant increase in NSDI subjects as well as published sources of spatial data in the official Registers.

mr. sc. Tomislav Ciceli - predavanje "Svatko može pronaći, razumjeti i koristiti prostorne podatke"

"NSDI Geoportal" lecture, presented by head of the department for interoperability of NSDI, M.Sc.Tanja Rodin, covered topics such as: metadata and metadata specification, Metadata Catalog and NSDI Geoportal. The lecture presented the participants with what metadata is, what it is for and why it is important, and what are the obligations of NSDI entities with regard to metadata. The participants were introduced to the NSDI Geoportal, its purpose and possibilities. The NSDI Metadata Catalog was presented, methods of searching and managing metadata as well as entering new metadata for registered services and validating the entered metadata.
9:30 – 9:35 Opening of the workshop dr. sc. Damir Šantek  
9:35 – 10:20 Introduction to NSDI; Anyone can easily find, understand and use spatial data; NSDI Registry mr. sc. Tomislav Ciceli PDF
10:20 – 10:40 NSDI metadata catalouge; NSDI Geoportal  mr. sc. Tanja Rodin PDF
9:40 – 11:25 Discussion    
11:25 – 11:30 Workshop closure mr. sc. Tomislav Ciceli